Bugdroid Meets Wall-E

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Imagine a world..

You wake up one day to a changed world. Everyone seems to be an expert at a very set amount of things. Friends that could never put a tune together, suddenly sang beautifully. Those that had always complained about their math skills were now expert mathematicians. What happened?

A new machine was invented. A machine a la Matrix that can give you access to infinite amounts of information. All you have to do is connect yourself to it and after a few hours you’re able to learn everything you could ever imagine. But there’s a catch, access to this machine is limited. You can only use it one time. No returns, no exchanges. You have to choose wisely.

Now, I’ve given this a lot of thought, and it really made me realize where my priorities lie. The first thought that came to mind when creating this scenario was that I would choose to learn languages. ALL the languages and dialects of the world. The ability to communicate with everyone, anywhere would be amazing. I would be able to meet so many great people and build connections that I would otherwise have never made.

Just learning English when I moved to this country opened so many doors and it was only one language.It has allowed me to go to a school in the U.S. and get a degree, meet and date great people, and has made traveling easier. I’ve also been able to read so many books in their original language. I’ve always believed a book that has been translated is always bound to lose something in the process. Being able to speak every language of the world would make life interesting, that’s for sure.

So how about you? What would you choose? Where do your priorities lie?

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Memento Mori

Hey! Did you know that Memento Mori is latin for “Remember that you will die”

It is often used as a reminder of the inevitability of death.

I find it quite inspiring.


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So lately I’ve been feeling uncreative

So lately I’ve been feeling very uncreative. To help combat this, I was planning on going to a creative writing website that gives you a list of creative writing ideas from 1 to 346. You click on a number and it gives you a creative writing prompt:


But then I noticed the word uncreative was underlined in red!


Now that totally took me off guard because I seriously believed it was still an actual word. I right clicked it but it only showed me a suggestion to replace it: 


I had to Google it just to make sure, and according to the first Google results, it might indeed still be a word. Another one that gets to be a word is “Flibbertigibbet”. Which I had never heard of before.


Now I did a Google image search for Flibbertigibbet and the results were very… diverse.

Exhibit A: Man dressed up in a Satan costume holding a cat with a very serious face.

satanExhibit B: Suspicious baby.



Exhibit C: The actual meaning of Flibbertigibbet:




What I learned from all of this: the meaning of flibbertigibbet, and that I am a flibbertigibbet.

P.s. Could anyone choose a number from 1 to 346, and I’ll write my next post based on that creative prompt. Thanks!

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Happy Friday!

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My phone’s acting stupid

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We Found Love – Rihanna

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