Hand From Above

I came across this website which shows an interactive billboard in which a “Hand from above” seems to be poking/tickling people as they’re walking down the street, shrinking them or just picking them up from the streets.

The Billboard uses high-tech surveillance equipment and computer vision technology.

Forever 21 has tried to imitate this initiative by placing their own interactive billboard in Times Square New York.

But see for yourselves!



Encontré una página de internet en la que muestran una cartelera interactiva en la que una mano gigante parece estar dandole cosquillas a la gente que está caminando, haciendolos pequeñitos o levantandolos de la calle.

La cartelera interactiva utiliza tecnología como las utilizadas por camaras de seguridad y tecnología computalizada de visión.

Pero vean por ustedes mismos!



Quote of the day:

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.  ~Berke Breathed

Cita del Dia:

Nunca es demasiado tarde para tener una niñez feliz. ~Berke Breathed


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4 Responses to Hand From Above

  1. I find this vaguely creepy. haha

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