Gummy Bear Incident of 2010

The events that are about to be described happened a few weeks ago…

At work I decided to eat a gummy bear.

I always thought gummy bears were really cute.

I look down at the orange gummy bear I had already bitten into and realize the poor thing didn’t have its two ears (since I had already eaten them…)

Now call me crazy but I felt kind of bad! Maybe it was the fact that I was writing an article  about hearing loss and hearing damage, just to look down and see that the poor gummy bear was ear-less due to .. me.

What has been seen…

Veronika Decides to Die – Paulo Coelho Excerpt:

“You say they create their own reality, said Veronika, ‘ but what is reality?’

It’s what the majority deems it to be. It’s not necessarily the best or the most logical, but it’s the one that has become adapted to the desires of society as a whole…”


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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