Fitness Challenge # 2

(Begin Rant)

Why am I unfit? Because I choose to. Because I lack the dedication and self-control to make a real change in my life.

I am young and healthy, there’s really nothing that should get in my way of getting fit, and looking like a Jamie Eason clone.

There’s really nothing. Oh wait there is, Me!

Lazy me that is!

Well I guess from now on! I shall stop being lazy Aurora, and become super motivated Aurora. * I always say the same thing*

But this time will be different! I can changee!

(/End of Rant)

Let Challenge Number 2 begin! We can do this Nowel!


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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4 Responses to Fitness Challenge # 2

  1. Espressoul says:

    Cute accent šŸ˜‰

  2. max says:

    how much did you lose (or gain)?

    • randomaurora says:

      Well the first challenge, as the video explains was a complete failure! I somehow lost 4 pounds, which I think was the little muscle I gained when I was working out regularly.

      But this time I’m trying to eat healthy and work out, I’m still 124-126 (it fluctuates), but I’m hoping to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks!

      • max says:

        i think the key is eating healthy. there was a time i stopped exercising but kept eating healthy and my weight was still decreasing. of exercise has its benefits, though.

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