So I get to work one morning and there’s a man taking a shower in the parking lot:

I obviously freaked out a little bit and thought twice before getting out of my car and passing by the semi-naked man taking a shower.

Having just watched the movie “Mr. Nobody”, I began thinking about what could have led him to this exact moment.

The different choices he made that resulted in him having to take a shower in the parking lot of a building and living on the street.

Maybe he had a normal life growing up, then met some guys in school who introduced him to drugs. This led to him becoming addicted which led to him using all of his money to buy those drugs, which led to him being evicted which led to him living on the streets and then having to take a shower in the back of a parking lot.

What if he had said no to the offer way back when, this would have never happened and he would lead a “normal” life, with food and shelter.

Maybe he had lost his job, and couldn’t find anything else. Not having an income to pay for his rent, eventually led him to live on the streets.

Maybe he has a mental disability that doesn’t allow him to function properly in society and is now living on the streets.

Maybe he just woke up one morning and decided he would stop working and just live on the streets.

So what choices have we made , or others made that led us to where we are today.

My life for example has been affected by both my choices and the choices my mother made.

She decided to divorce my father when I was four? I think? This led to her selling used clothes and merchandise to make a living. This led to debt for not being able to sell those clothes. It also led to her deciding to immigrate to the US  for work to be able to support both me and my brother.

This led to her bringing both me and my brother to the US back in 2000. It also led to me learning English, which led to me being able to communicate online with people from all over the world. This resulted in me meeting my first boyfriend from Canada online, which led to traveling outside of the States on my own for the first time and actually visiting that beautiful country.

Her choice also led to me getting an education and graduating college in the U.S. It will also in a few months lead to me becoming a U.S. citizen and who knows what else will happen…the choices are now up to me…

What if she hadn’t chosen to sell those used clothes and merchandise and maybe worked at an office somewhere.

What if she had decided to go to school and that led to her making enough money to take care of me and my brother. We would have never lived in the U.S and I would be living in Matagalpa with all of my family, never having learned English, or having had the experiences I’ve had.

Choices dictate the life we are going to lead. The good and bad choices we make lead to experiences which shape and make us who we are today. Both choices make us better human beings.

It’s incredible how one choice could unravel a whole new life, completely different to what we might be living right now.

Hopefully the choices we do make are the right ones, the choice to improve ourselves and our lives. The choice to help others and in turn helping them have a better life.

It’s all about choices. Sometimes it’s hard to choose, but in the end it will always lead to improvement.

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Time and time again this has come to be true. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to choose.


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28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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7 Responses to Choices

  1. Christopher Delia says:

    Very true…

  2. pogue says:

    Typically drug addicts living on the street aren’t prone to shower. Maybe it was a businessman just using the Cinco Urinal Shower!

    Btw, is that a really fortune cookie you got? That is totally insane.

    • randomaurora says:

      What has been seen… and well this was a man taking a shower in the parking lot out in the open so I doubt it.. who knows why he was there, that’s all a mystery!

      and yes that’s a fortune cookie I got! they’re getting better by the decades!

  3. Andres says:

    I don’t think the people of pearl harbor would have found that cookie as inspirational :/!!. Awesome post auroras, couldn’t agree more. Although taking pictures of someone showering half naked outside is called voyeurism in England :p

    • randomaurora says:

      I only did it so if they found my body somewhere, they’d see on my phone a picture of the perpetrator (yes I am paranoid). Also I took it so I could go into the building and show my coworkers there was a man taking a shower… lalalaaa

      and Thank yous Andressageeee!

  4. celialuna00 says:

    OMG I can’t believe that guys still exists! I’ve seen him taking a shower too! hilarious.

    BTW LOVE your blog.

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