As The Wall Of Lies Falls

You wake up one morning, get to work and realize everyone is acting different.

You ask a fellow coworker a simple question of “How are you?” and they respond to you with a detailed description of everything that is going on in their lives, good and bad.

Talk about uncomfortable…

You move on with your day. A colleague approaches you, one who you really can’t stand. He asks you a simple question and before you realize it, words are coming out of your mouth. Words you have always wanted to say but have never found the courage to express.

Retaliation ensues and a battle of words begins between you and said colleague. Everyone around joins in the battle, turning to each other and saying what they have always wanted to say.

It is pure chaos, liberating chaos. Chaos created by the fact that these people’s wall of lies has begun crumbling down.

The person you were arguing with has moved on to someone else. You stand there and look around and notice others have begun to transform. Their outside image slowly deteriorating, leaving behind a skeleton of what they used to be.

These are the people who have worked hard to act and pretend to be someone they are not. A prefabricated illusion of a person.

As the wall of lies is destroyed, their true self emerges. A withered being with no true sense of self.  It’s scary to watch.

Let the wall of lies fall all around you. Your aim is to be one of those left standing untouched.


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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2 Responses to As The Wall Of Lies Falls

  1. scmedal says:

    Aurora.. Can you please write more often. I really like your writing and the best part of all is that after I read it, I think about it all day long and most of the time put it on practice :)… I don’t know if I will put the last one in practice but I sure did put the one before this one. Prima te quiero mucho.

  2. randomaurora says:

    Gracias prima! Igualmente!! I’m really happy you like it! :D!

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