One Life

That’s all you get. Only one. At least that’s what we know for sure. Everything else is just speculation.

How many years you live is mostly to be announced. We really don’t know. You can live 30,  80, 100, 120,121… you get the idea. The real number is not set in stone.

8987, that’s how many days I’ve lived.

I can’t say I have used them all wisely, and “seized each day”. But I think I’ve done a pretty good job at maintaining a pretty stable life.

Although stability is good, and I haven’t gone through any traumatic experiences, I’d like to believe there is more to life than stability.

What will I do with the many more days left for me to live? I’m still working on that.

I guess I have to remind myself, that this is what I was given. There are things I can and cannot change. There are also things that I’ve always said I would want to do “one day”.

But when will it be?

I doubt I’m the only one that has a bucket list of things they want to do “one day” before they die.

For some reason we think that that day will eventually come, but as of right now, we just have to keep working and eating and sleeping for many years, until that “one day”.

But then that “one day” never comes. We suddenly wake up and realize life has passed us by and we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish. We didn’t live what we wanted to live, or learned what we wanted to learn.

I’ve always said I wanted to speak as many languages as possible “one day”, I wanted to have abs “one day”, I wanted to travel the world “one day”, I wanted to be able to cook delicious food “one day” etc.

When will this day be?

My procrastinating nature has always gotten in the way of that “one day”.

It requires taking action, sprinkled with dedication and consistency. It also requires time and effort.

Making excuses as to why you can’t accomplish XYZ will not get you there.

If it’s something you really want to do, you can make it happen.

If I really wanted abs, I could eat healthily and work out regularly, it will eventually happen.
If I really wanted to travel the world, I would find the way to earn more money, save up as much as possible and then do it.
If I really wanted to learn languages, I would enroll in classes, I would go to the library and get books on the language I wanted to learn etc.

Making that “one day” a reality requires action, otherwise it’ll always be left to that “one day”.


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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One Response to One Life

  1. celialuna00 says:

    So inspiring! It reminds me of the Nike tagline “just do it” . Simple yet powerful.

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