My Car Was Towed Twice In One Week And All I Got Was A Tshirt

Did you know that you’re not supposed to park by a fire hydrant and that if you do your car will get towed?

In today’s episode of Clueless Aurora, we will discuss the time when Aurora (A.K.A me) got her car towed not ONCE but TWICE in one week.


Aurora has had her license for what? two years now? Out of which she’s been driving regularly to and from work for about a year.

One day she is given the task to pick up a computer at a location in South Florida, recognized by its crowded-ness and lack of parking.

Clue: That's supposed to be the beach in the background.

Our courageous hero, puts on her “I can do this ” face, prints out directions (because apparently using the GPS system on the smartphone she owns is not an option) and proceeds to get lost for the next hour.

Once she finally finds the place, she notices the parking lot is packed.

But wait! what is that over there?!

It’s a spacious parking lot!

It is nice, it is free, it has empty parking spaces. It’s perfect!

Tempting parking lot

What was she to do?

She drives up, parks the car and proceeds with her picking-up-computer task.

Coming back to the parking lot, she notices something is wrong.

She looks around, thinks for a second, looks around again, thinks for another second and then realizes she DID park there, her car is NOT there, and there is a sign that says “Towing Zone”.

This is followed by a sinking feeling in her stomach, proceeded by a call to Jackie to ask for help and freak out.

Jackie sends help with Amanda who arrives to the scene minutes later. After paying $200 the car is returned.

Aurora drives off into the horizon and she lives happily ever aft… NOT SO FAST!

Two days later, Clueless Aurora parks her vehicle on the street of her apartment complex as she usually does.

Tired and stressed from the previous days she goes home to relax.

The next day arrives, Aurora happens to leave extra early that day. As she walks to her car with not a care in the world, something looks different.

Her car is not there.

Cops are called, neighbors discuss how cars like hers are always the ones to get stolen and the police calls back saying it was towed.


Clueless Aurora has done it again! She cluelessly parked by a fire hydrant…



As my kind brother explained, it’s something about blocking access in case of a fire.

$120 and a ticket later, her car is returned.

She finally drives off into the horizon and lives happily ever… ACTUALLY…

Next week we will talk about the time she got a flat tire just a few days after the towing incidents.

The end.

Quote of the day:

Amor Fati


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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