When Your Dreams Are Interrupted…

After a fun and exhausting weekend, I went to bed at around 11:00 PM on Sunday. I set up my alarm for the next day at 7:00 AM, since I needed to run some errands before work.

Well that didn’t happen!

During my sleep, I had a dream involving me going to my cousin’s wedding in Nicaragua. I remember being in my grandma’s room checking through my bag for a nice dress to wear.

In the dream, I could see all of my family at the church dressed to the nines waiting for the ceremony to begin.

As I kept looking for clothes, all I could find were jeans and a t-shirt, which wasn’t appropriate for such an event.

I missed the ceremony.

It was like a movie. I could see the scene of them saying I do and walking out of the church with family cheering and then going back to the scene of me, still at home looking for clothes to wear.

A bell rings.

I look around and I’m in my bed. I was woken up by my alarm.

I was so annoyed at the fact I still hadn’t found anything, that I set it up to 7:30AM and went back to sleep.

I went back into the dream but this time I was at the house after the wedding. All the family was arriving, my cousin was mad at me for missing the wedding, and for some reason I realized I needed to take a shower (random, I know).

As I got into the shower, I noticed that it had an opening into the street, so people passing by could see me. This made it impossible for me to shower.

Cue the alarm clock waking me up at 7:30AM.

I wake up, annoyed at it and set it up to wake me up 8:00 AM. I was determined to find a place in my dream to take a shower and find a decent dress for my cousin’s wedding reception(since I had already missed the wedding haha).

I did go back to that same dream, and I saw more and more family showing up to their house to have dinner. It made it impossible for me to shower with all those people there, and I spent the last few moments of my dream thinking of what else to do.

The alarm went off, frustrated I woke up and started getting ready for work.

Moral of the story: One must learn to let things go…


About Aurora

28 year old female writing a blog about nothing and everything. Not apt for the serious.
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