Feel So Close – Calvin Harris

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The Elephant In the Room

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If I had a Million Dollars I would:

So I was reading Nowel’s blog today, and she had a post about what she would buy if she had a million dollars to spend and/or waste on random things. Not counting on investments, paying off debts and giving to family and charities, justĀ $1,000,000 to waste.

Let’s begin:

I would buy a convertible mini cooper. Why? because it’s so cute!

Price: $28,650

I know I would buy a house, but I don’t know where or have thought about it yet. So I would set aside $400,000 to buy a nice home.

I would buy this dress:

Price: $130

and this one:

Price: $90

and this one:

Price: $130

and this one:

Price: $58

Ok, so I would spend $10,000 on modcloth buying all the dresses!

Another $10k on shoes and accessories.

I would book a round-the-world ticket and travel to as many countries I could reach within two years, setting aside $200,000 for the trip in total, for me and someone else.

I would buy a new laptop, and a new desktop, spending on both $3000 total.

I would buy a nice comfy bed, with the best mattress or whatever $5000 can buy.

I would buy the kindle, because I love to read: $300

I would buy Coldplay concert tickets! VIP package.

I have no idea how much that would be. For me and a guest I’d be willing to pay $1000.

I would buy a house in Nicaragua, maybe in Matagalpa or Jinotega, to be close to family.

That would be $100,000

I would… get a home gym of course!

I would spend $30K, including a personal trainer three times a week!

I still have left: $312,850

I would also buy an upright piano, a nice home theater to watch all the movies. Finally with whatever money remains, I would spend it with friends and family, going out to nice restaurants all the time, until the money runs out.

The end.

What would you do?

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Spongebob Squarepants vs Cheese

When I first saw Spongebob Squarepants, I thought he was a piece of cheese.

Now why would I think such a thing, specially when the name of the cartoon is Sponge-bob.

Let’s see…

What Spongebob looks like:

What a piece of cheese looks like:



Venn Diagram of comparison:

Add a pair of pants to that cheese and he could be Spongebob’s long lost cousin: Cheesebob.

Lastly, when you Google “cheese cartoon square”, Spongebob appears on the second row!

I rest my case!

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Living in Florida, our trees don’t really experience Winteritis. Every time I see a tree during the cold winters up north, I think about how sad they look.

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Compound Words

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Audrey Hepburn

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Bug Life

The other day I walked into work and I saw this on the floor:

My first instinct was to step on it.

As I was about to lift my foot off the floor, I started to look at it closely. I hadn’t seen one of these bugs before.

I decided to record a video of it and take a picture to show it to my coworkers. I wanted to know what kind of bug it was before killing it.

As I began to record it, I started to think about how this poor bug was going about its day like nothing happened, and out of nowhere, there comes evil Aurora about to take it from this world forever.

*Insert dramatic violin music*

I then remembered that Disney movie “Bug Life”, which made me feel even worse!

Needless to say, the bug lived.

P.S. Roaches and flies are another story…


All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.

Henry Ellis

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